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OTHER USEFUL APPS | Views: 13582 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: Dan | Date: 30/03/2012 | Comments (6)

OTHER USEFUL APPS | Views: 5523 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: Dan | Date: 26/02/2012 | Comments (5)

Just copy paste following line in notepad


Save as Type to " all files " and name the file " "

Note that this file is NOT A VIRUS. Delete the file when you have finished testing your installation to avoid alarming unsuspecting users.

OTHER USEFUL APPS | Views: 7272 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: Dan | Date: 20/04/2011 | Comments (17)

Ok so this is how it works,
because you and the other
computers are on the same
Server connection, you get
as much access to their pc as them with their
username and password,
but for this you do not
need to exploit them, all
we have to do is scan for
their Domain/PC Name, this did work on other
computers around the
world but not no more.

What You Need:
Just a Computer Running
Windows, & CMD, if your
admin has blocked CMD
from being ran, then please
do the Following: Then save the file as,
CMD.bat on your desktop,
and run it, and it should
run like normal.
You also need, a connection
to the internet, and make
sure that others around

Okay So Once you have got
CMD open, please do the
following: Type @Echo Off And press
Enter: Then CLS and press enter: Then Type Color b and
press enter: This is not vital but makes
the Windows Interface
allot more easy whilst
typing etc. then if your not sure if
there are others on your
server type netstat and
enter: so as you can see, where
myne says idex, that is the
name of my pc, so if your in
a school or library, you and
everyone else should have
a similar name, again this is not vital, then what you want to do
is clear the screen again by TYPE CLS.
then type shutdown -i and
press enter again,

a new
dialog should appear. you can then edit the
setting of what you want
to comp to do. to add the comps you want
to shut down, click add and manually enter the
computer names, most
comps will have the name printed on them, or if you know the ip this will also
If you dont know either,
just click browse and
search the directory and
find the computer names,
and then shutdown, etc or
whatever you want to do with them..


OTHER USEFUL APPS | Views: 9512 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: Dan | Date: 20/04/2011 | Comments (7)

How to Use God Mode in
Windows 7 Windows 7 is now becoming popular among windows operating
system users.Windows 7
has cool hidden
feature ,people calls it godmode
in windows 7.God Mode is a folder that brings together a long list
of customization settings
allowing you to change all your settings from one
place.This is very good as
you can now change all your windows settings
from one single place. God Mode in Windows 7 Foll the following steps to
create god mode folder:

1. Create a new folder

2. Rename the folder to GodMode.
{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} You can change word GodMode to any other word you like your name
or your friends name

3.The folder icon will
change ,then double click it
to show the GodMode
windows options. .................................

OTHER USEFUL APPS | Views: 4409 | Downloads: 0 | Added by: Dan | Date: 20/04/2011 | Comments (2)

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